2013 – 2014

As an Interaction Designer, I was responsible for the UX and interface for the responsive web across mobile, tablet and desktop devices of urturn.com. I worked closely with the CEOs, engineering team, data analysts and visual designers to develop and improve our users’ experience by focusing on goals that drive completion of the key parts of the funnel.
My tasks covered a broad spectrum of specialities including strategy, ideas sessions, wireframes, user testing, prototypes, UI and UX design and creation of the Urturn’s mini-apps.

Main Projects:

  • User Research: user interviews, focus group, reporting
  • Desktop Experience: site map, feed, profile, expression page
  • Mobile Experience: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone
  • Signup Journey: first run experience, walkthroughs, coach marks
  • Admin Tools: CMS, moderator tools, email templates, content editing
  • Editorial Tools: Expressions editor and templates
  • Analytics: data visualisation, reporting, A/B testing
  • Branding and visual styleguide

On-device Urturn feed on mobile and desktop site


Design of the "Expression" page. I was in charge of the complete workflow experience, from the actual page to the post shared outside Urturn. I was responsible for the UI and goal-driven UX design for desktop and mobile apps to increase acquisition and engagement. Further to this, I worked with the data and development teams to implement improvements to the core user journey, focusing around user completion of key goals in a variety of funnels.


After releasing an API allowing users to code their own Urturn mini-apps in May 2013, we created a Urturn "factory" that provides an interface to easily build your own Expression. I designed and built an internal WYSIWYG editor through various iterations. This tool was then used by the editorial team.


Presentation slide created to help clients understand the Urturn’s templates